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Price Politics and Purchasing Conditions


The prices and the availability of the products are susceptible to change without notice and may vary according to the availability of stocks. If there is a shortage of stocks but the warning appears only after the completion of the transaction, we will send you a notice by email and the products that are out-of-stock will be removed from your order. We will reimburse you the complete price of the item. Bonbonnerie Nick & Joe is not held accountable for any shortage of stock and for any damage resulting from or caused by shipping delays.


During the days following the completion of the transaction on our website, we will send you a confirmation email that will include the total price as well as the detailed terms and conditions of your order. We reserve ourselves the right to cancel your order and this, without the need to provide any justification. If we cancel your order, we will send you a notice at the email address you have entered in the identification requirements. We reserve ourselves the right to limit or prohibit orders that, in our sole judgement, seem to have been ordered by merchants, resellers and suppliers. Generally, when our staff cancels an order, we do not charge the purchase on your credit card bill. If you notice otherwise, we will reimburse you this amount or send you a credit corresponding to this same amount.


It is possible to partially or fully return your order in the delay of 14 business days following the arrival of your order and this, without penalty even if the product is not true to its original state. The action previoulsy explained must be done with the authorization of a customer service representative of Bonbonnerie Nick & Joe.
Before proceeding to the return of merchandise, the customer must communicate by email with the customer service department of Bonbonnerie Nick & Joe. The customer service department will send you the procedures required for the completion of your return. It is the customer's responsibility to take in consideration the products that are eligible for returns and reimbursements.

Products that are not eligible for return:
* All edible products
*Products that are not in their original packaging anymore
*Products that are not returned in their entirety (e.g. dozen)


Though we are cautious when it come to data in relation with the products of our website, there may be errors of price, descriptions, etc. Bonbonnerie Nick & Joe RESERVES THE RIGHT TO RECTIFY THESE MISTAKES WITHOUT THE OBLIGATION OF HAVING TO DELIVER THE MERCHANDISE AT THE CONDITIONS DISPLAYED BY MISTAKE.

If such a situation happens, we assure you that we will correct the inaccurate information as soon as possible and we will communicate with you if you have already ordered this item.

Customers can contact us at the following email address: [email protected]